Law Firm Dedicated to Ensuring that You do Not Pay More than Your Fair Share

As a property owner in Illinois you are required to pay property taxes to fund your local government and schools in providing police, education, and other services. However, you have legal rights to ensure that you do not pay more than your fair share of property taxes, and if any of your rights are being violated, you have a legal right to file a property tax appeal.

The law firm of Park & Longstreet, P.C. is dedicated to representing property owners in tax appeals. We concentrate in helping Cook County residential and rental property owners and commercial and industrial property owners in all counties. As former Hearing Officers with the State Property Tax Appeal Board, our attorneys have unique insights into the property tax appeal decision making process that we use to fight for the lowest possible assessment for our clients.

With Park & Longstreet, P.C. you pay no attorney fees for our services unless we obtain a reduction in your property's assessment. There are no upfront fees or charges. Our fee will be based solely on a percentage of your estimated property tax savings. Call the attorneys at Park & Longstreet, P.C. today for a free property tax analysis to ensure that your property tax rights are not being violated and that you are not paying more than your fair share of property taxes.